Which storage unit would you buy?

Buying abandoned storage units

Have you ever seen Storage Wars? Altough a lot of it was probably scripted and weird and expensive items were planted there by the production company, it was still interesting to see what came out of a storage unit. Sometimes on Youtube I’ll watch videos where they buy a locker and go through it and I’m thinking; ‘I wish I’d be living near a big self storage company so I could buy a unit as well, go through it, sell items on eBay and make some money!’ But.. for me most units are too far away and in reality, not that many contain stuff that is easy to sell. A lot of units contain stuff from the attic or garage but.. there might be some storage units with some nice antiques, collectibles or just useful items.

Not much valuable in most storage units

Most units were once filled by people that needed some extra storage space and after a while couldn’t pay the rent for the storage unit. They got a lot of warnings and still didn’t pay, probably because the contents just weren’t that valuable for them. After missing more payments, in the end the storage facility seized the unit.

Which storage unit would you buy?

Just for fun I’ll sometimes take a look at storage units that will be auctioned off online and my favorite website for this is StorageTreasures.com. Based on the photos of the opened storage unit I’ll look if I would be tempted to buy it would I be living in the area.
Here are 3 storage units that will be in auction in a couple of weeks, which one (or another one that is now online) would you go for and why? Leave your answer in the comments!

A. Home decor and a lot of boxes!

The auction for this storage unit in Jacksonville, FL closes on september 17. Why would I bid on it? The home decor looks good, there is some wall art that you can’t see and there are a lot of boxes! There are a lot of storage boxes of the same brand so someone invested money to store them. But what is in those nice boxes?

Storage unit auction

B. Bikes, bikes and more bikes!

The auction for this storage unit in Oklahoma City, OK also closes on september 17. I can’t even count the total amount of bicycles in this storage unit, are there 6? 8? 10? A lot! Also some goodlooking suitcases that might contain anything or nothing at all!

Storage auction

C. Just a bit of everything. And a lot of it!

The auction of this storage unit in Lakeland, FL is on september 21 and has a bit of everything although the car that is in the pictures is not included. I can see some home decor, tools, electronics, part of a drum kit and more and more boxes and bags.

Buy abandoned storage unit

Bonus: Not something I would bid on..

This storage unit is in auction in Orlando, Fl on september 18. It might have some clothes that you can sell but it just looks like someone has been on the move a couple of times and just threw all clothing and some personal items in this storage and didn’t want to be bothered to pick it up. But you never know, under the layers of fabric might be treasure like you would see in Storage Wars.

Buy abandoned storage locker

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