What to buy at your local Thrift Store!

What to buy at the thrift store
Thrift stores are very popular among treasure hunters, if you are lucky you can make a lot of money! And often it is not even about luck but about buying and selling a lot of stuff for a low profit which makes some serious money on the long run. And while a lot of times it might look like you can find nothing at the thrift store, there are always some things that will rake in some cash. And sometimes you can find real gems!

These are some of the things that are always good to look for at your local thrift store or in towns you visit and that might bring in money by selling them on eBay.

Sometimes you hear stories about people who found gold or silver jewelry, even with diamonds. These stories can be true! When looking for good jewelry, always look for small marks on the jewelry. Also pawn shops can be a good spot to find jewelry. They have a big assortment of jewelry and might be a lot cheaper than a jewelry store. Always take time to inform yourself about the real worth of jewelry you buy.

There have been made a lot of comics and most of the secondhand ones are not worth that much. But there are exceptions, a copy of Action Comics 1 from june 1938 sold for $3.2 million in an eBay auction. To sell huge, an old comic needs to be in perfect condition otherwise the price goes down very fast. I don’t know that much about comics but to be sure, I just buy all the really old ones and look on the internet if they are rare. So far no millions for me..

There’s a lot of collectors and lovers of antiques, and there’s a broad range in antiques. You can have paintings, china, silverware, small furniture, statues and much more. These days, Thrift Stores know more about the worth of antiques but it’s still possible to find really nice things. When I find something interesting and the price is good, I just buy it and go search the internet for more information. Sometimes a really nice piece of antique is worthless (or even fake) but sometimes you can have a big hit and make a lot of money by selling.

Why buy only new toys when a child will like a cool secondhand toy just as much? Give the toys you bought a good wash and they will be as good as new. There’s also a lot of collectors of antique and vintage toys. Barbies from the sixties can be really worthy, as well as special editions. Old toy cars like Dinky Toys or the older German cars from companies like Märklin can attract a lot of collectors. Also board games from the sixties or seventies in good state can fetch hundreds of dollars.

Thrift Stores and Secondhand shops are always good places to buy used clothes. Some people only wear their clothes for one season and throw them out to buy new ones. So you can find nice clothes that are only worn a couple of times. Money can be made by buying nice vintage clothes or designer clothing.

Why pay the full price for a tool which you can find at a thrift store for a couple of dollars? I’m always looking for tools of good brands. On eBay used tools and machinery can be popular and especially rare antique tools attract a lot of collectors.

Not something to easily sell on eBay but a lot of thrift stores have a great selection of secondhand books. I always buy pocketbooks for holidays and I’m always on the look for nice books about different subjects. Other good books to buy at thrift stores can be textbooks and new childrens books.

Some people swap their furniture after a couple of years so a relatively new sofa can end up in a charity store. Other well built furniture can last for decades and can be great to place in children’s rooms and utility rooms. While furniture is not the best to resell, some antique furniture and design pieces can fetch high figures.

Is it easy to buy and sell thrift store finds?
It’s not always easy to buy and sell secondhand items that you have found in thrift stores, yard sales and everywhere else. Sometimes you just paid a little too much for something to make some money, especially if you count your time and petrol money. If you are one of the lucky people that lives in the neighbourhood of some thrift stores with low prices and a huge new stock every day, you might make more money! Some people make great profits with this and almost have an extra income! I just see it as a hobby. I buy things that I know for sure that make some money and I also buy interesting things that I don’t know anything about. Sometimes these gambles rake in a lot of profit, sometimes I bring them back to a thrift store..

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