Vintage and Antique shops in Micanopy

Micanopy started out as an Indian trading post and attracted many settlers. The whole town was burned down during the Second Seminole War and when it was rebuilt, it became a agricultural town with cotton, cattle, oranges and later on winter vegetables. During these years around 1900 a lot of large town houses and mansions were built by the farmers, many of which are still standing in the historic district in downtown Micanopy. The historic district has 35 historic buildings and furthermore offers a lot of antique shops and restaurants. This – and the beautiful streets with ancient oaks clothed in Spanish moss – attracts a lot of antique hunters and lovers of history and nature. In a small area you can find multiple antique shops as well as many other interesting shops when you are looking for art and unique decor. In between shopping you can look at some of the old buildings, take pictures of the trees along the streets or relax and eat and drink something at the terrace or in a restaurant.

On this page we have a lot of the antique and second-hand shops in Micanopy but there are more shops to find, we only show the ones with a website for more information like opening hours and what treasures you might find.

On this map you see all the antique shops and others interesting stores we found in Micanopy, as you can see, most are located at the historic downtown.

Center map