Vain & Vintage in Pocatello

Vain & Vintage in Pocatello is a go to destination for lovers of antiques, vintage and collectibles. They have a nice collection of vintage clothing like dresses, shirts, hats, boots, glassware, kitchenware, biscuit tins, small furniture, displays, Pepsi and Coca-cola soda crates, records, books and so much more.

Address of Vain & Vintage in Pocatello
149 North Main Street
Pocatello, ID 83204

Contact information of this store
Phone: 208-232-8246
Website: Vain & Vintage in Pocatello

Opening hours and directions
We don`t show opening hours of shops, look for the current opening hours on their website. The location of Vain & Vintage in Pocatello is shown on the map below. This information is based on google maps.

Center map
149 N Main St

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