Tempe, AZ – Thrift Stores, pawn shops and secondhand clothing

Tempe has some nice shops when you are looking for secondhand items. There are thrift stores, stores with secondhand clothes, pawn shops and more. This might be of help when you are looking for secondhand furniture when you are going to study at Arizona State University and you also might find some nice antiques for your collection.

When you are not living in the neighbourhood of Tempe it might be a good idea to go here and combine your visit to the secondhand stores with a citytrip. The city of Tempe lies East of Phoenix, across the Salt River. The area was once inhabited by the Hohokam, a culture that lived near the rivers in the Phoenix basin in Arizona. They built canals and dams to grow things like maize, beans, cotton and tobacco. Around 1500 AD the Hohokam culture ceased to exist. When in 1865 Fort McDowell was built 20 miles northeast of where now Tempe lies, small settlements were established. Tempe was officially founded in 1871 and when the railroad was built, the town became an economic hub for the surrounding agricultural area. Nowadays, Tempe is more an inner suburb of Phoenix. In Tempe you can find some nice historic buildings like houses and bridges and there is a lot to do in the field of arts and music.

Here are some of the thrift stores, secondhand clothes shops and pawn shops in Tempe

Thrift stores, pawn shops and other secondhand stores in Tempe on the map

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