Pocatello – Thrift stores, antique shops and collectibles

Pocatello is a nice town in Idaho and a great town to find antiques and collectibles. Especially in Old Town Pocatello, you can find a lot of antique shops, art galleries, vintage shops and specialty stores. Often there are special events, parades and other activities so Pocatello might be a good place to stay a couple of nights while antique hunting. Around town there are also a lot of thrift stores so you’ll never know what treasures you might find.

While walking or driving around town you can also see some of the history of Pocatello. The area was once inhabited by Indian tribes and it became the place to go for fur trappers and traders. The area saw a lot of travellers travelling the Oregon Trail and during the gold rush Pocatello became a transportation hub. After the gold rush many settlers turned to agriculture which is still an important part of the area around Pocatello.

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