Pell City – Antiques and thrift stores

The town of Pell City in Alabama is well known for the easy access to the Logan Martin Lake and the Lakeside park that offers picnic areas, walking trails and a playground along the water but it also has a lot to offer for lovers of antiques and collectors. In and around Pell City you can find thrift stores with all kinds of second-hand items as well as antique shops and antique malls.

Maybe you can combine your antique shopping in Pell City with a nice time along the water?

Antiques and thrift stores

Here are all the antique shops and thrift stores we have found in Pell City. Did we miss one? Is one of those shops closed down? Let us know in the comments!

Map of Pell City

Here you can see all the interesting shops for antiques and second-hand items in Pell City on the map.

Center map