Greenville, Ohio – Thrift, Pawn and Antiques

Greenville is a nice city in Ohio, it lies about 35 miles from Dayton. When you are looking for secondhand goods, antiques and collectibles or valuable secondhand items, you might find them in Greenville. There is a thrift store, a pawn shop and some antique shops. Greenville has a nice downtown with some historic buildings. There is a good local history museum and the center for the arts in Darke County.

The name Greenville comes from the Fort Greeneville, once the largest wooden fort in North America. The fort was built in 1793 and housed the Legion of the United States before they went into the Battle of Fallen Timbers, which was the final battle of the Northwest Indian War. After the battle, the Treaty of Greenville was signed for which 1,130 chiefs and warriors came to the fort. This ended the wars in the area and settlers moved into the Northwest Territory. In 1808 the fort was already abandoned and the city of Greenville was founded.

Here are some of the secondhand and antique stores in Greenville

The map with the thrift store and antiques shops we found in Greenville

Center map