Green Country Arms & Pawn in Tulsa

This pawn shop in Tulsa sells, buys and pawns almost everything of value. When you are in need of quick cash you can bring your used valuable items to this shop to get a loan on it. After the staff appraises your item and you agree on the loan amount, you get the money and the contract. On the agreed time you come to pay back your loan and you get your item. Of course selling directly to this shop is also possible. When you are looking for something interesting to buy, this pawn shop also has a lot of items on offer. You can buy, sell or pawn firearms and accessories, jewelry, tools, electronics, musical instruments, sporting goods, coins and collectibles, lawnmowers and much more.

Green Country Arms & Pawn in Tulsa
9075 E 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74145 (Oklahoma)

Contact information of this pawn shop
Phone: 918 664-5529
Website: Green Country Arms & Pawn

Opening hours and directions
We don`t show opening hours of pawn shops, look for the current opening hours on their website. The location of this pawn shop in Tulsa is shown on the map below. This is based on google maps.

Center map
9075 E 31st St

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