Goodwill Easterseals Thrift Store Middletown

This thrift store in Middletown, Ohio is part of Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley and offers a lot of secondhand items that are donated by others. At this charity thrift store you might find secondhand furniture like beds, chairs, couches and chests, clothing for women, men and children, shoes and accessories, electronics like TVs and audio, toys and puzzles, books and magazines, housewares and much more. By buying or donating items at this Goodwill Easterseals store in Middletown you help others, Goodwill Easterseals empowers people with disabilities and other disadvantages to achieve independence and improve their quality of life by offering programs for seniors and youth, assistance and job training.

Goodwill Easterseals thrift store
3526 Towne Blvd.
Middletown, OH 45005 (Ohio)

Contact information of this thrift store in Middletown
Phone: 513-423-0843
Website: Goodwill Easterseals thrift store

Opening hours and directions
We don`t show opening hours of thrift stores, look for the current opening hours on their website. The location of this Goodwill Easterseals thrift store in Middletown is shown on the map below. This information is based on google maps.

Center map
3526 Towne Blvd

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