Falls Church, VA – Thrift Stores and more second-hand

Falls Church is an independent city in Virginia and offers a bit of everything for lovers of antiques and collectibles or people who are looking for second-hand items. You can find. There are thrift stores, an auction house, consignment stores and pawn shops. Falls Church also has some nice historic sites when you need a break in between antique hunting, there is the beautiful Cherry Hill Farmhouse which now houses a museum with period furnishings and antique tool collection in the barn. There are also some interesting neighborhoods with a long history, like Tinner Hill where for thousands of years an Algonquin trail passed by, going towards a crossroads of two trading trails.

Here are some of the thrift stores, antique shops and consignment stores in Falls Church

Thrift stores, antique shops and other secondhand stores in Falls Church on the map

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