Buy antiques and collectibles at a pawn shop

Pawn Shop Antiques

Pawn shops are getting more and more like mainstream shops where you can buy a lot of interesting pre-owned things. Jewelry has always been one the things you might find in a pawn shop but nowadays you might find anything, from designer clothes, electronics to antiques and collectibles. This makes a pawn shop an interesting place to visit when you…

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Which storage unit would you buy?

Buy abandoned storage unit

Buying abandoned storage units Have you ever seen Storage Wars? Altough a lot of it was probably scripted and weird and expensive items were planted there by the production company, it was still interesting to see what came out of a storage unit. Sometimes on Youtube I’ll watch videos where they buy a locker and go through it and I’m…

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Thrift Store treasures

Thrift Store treasures Buying at thrift stores can be interesting, not only because you can find things you need or want for your collection, they are often sold for a fraction of the real value. And there’s also a chance to find real treasures! Also antique shops, pawn shops and garage sales can be the spot for something worthy. Pablo…

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What to buy at your local Thrift Store!

What to buy at the thrift store Thrift stores are very popular among treasure hunters, if you are lucky you can make a lot of money! And often it is not even about luck but about buying and selling a lot of stuff for a low profit which makes some serious money on the long run. And while a lot…

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