Buy antiques and collectibles at a pawn shop

Pawn shops are getting more and more like mainstream shops where you can buy a lot of interesting pre-owned things. Jewelry has always been one the things you might find in a pawn shop but nowadays you might find anything, from designer clothes, electronics to antiques and collectibles. This makes a pawn shop an interesting place to visit when you are looking for something original. Sometimes the pawn shops might be more expensive with what antiques they have on offer but sometimes they might not see the real value of something, like the pawn shop that sold a Nobel Peace Price for the gold value which was afterwards auctioned off for over a million!

Because most pawn shops have an ever-changing inventory, it might be a good place to go to when you are in a town looking for antiques and collectibles, you never know what you might find! Also, a lot of pawn shops sell their items online, on their own website or on sales sites like Ebay and Craigslist. Here are some of the items we found today, they might have been sold when you read it but it gives an insight in the antiques and collectibles you might find at a pawn shop.

Collectibles at a pawn shop

Lladro Figurine – Every Bunny Rabbit..

This pawn shop in Glendale, Arizona has some Lladro figurines in their Ebay webshop and this is a nice one. Lladro is a Spanish factory that is fames for their porcelain figurines. The company Lladro is founded in 1953 by three brothers and has made thousands different figurines that are loved by collectors.

Sometimes you might see them on TV as well, Lladro figurines made an appearance in The Sopranos, Will and Grace, The Nanny and other TV series.

This figurine that is now for sale at Glendale Pawn and Jewelry is called Every Bunny Rabbit Needs Somebody and it is retired which means that no more figurines like this will be made.

Pawn shop collectibles

Canyon Mark 900 Attaché case telephone

You might know the Gold&Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas from the TV-series Pawn Stars where they often pawn or buy unique and strange items. A lot of these items are for sale in their pawn shop as well as online. Sometimes there are very nice antiques and collectibles to be found, like at this moment a Canyon Mark 900 mobile phone from 1981/1982. The first attaché case telephones were made in the late 1960s and while you could carry some papers and pencils in the attaché case, most of the space would be taken up by the phone and the batteries. The Mark 900 was never much advertised but still the company managed to sell a lot of them, until smaller phones took over the market.

Pawn Shop Antiques

1847-D $5 Gold Coin

L. Oppleman Pawn in Lynchburg has some nice gold and silver coins for sale and this 1847 Liberty Head $5 gold coin is one of them. The Liberty Head design on the half eagle has been in use for nearly 70 years, starting in 1839. I think the D under the eagle means it is minted in Dahlonega which would make it a rare one but unfortunately I don’t know that much about coins. Is this an interesting coin for your collection? Hopefully it is still in stock at L. Oppleman Pawn in Lynchburg.

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