Arlington, VA – Thrift Stores and pawn shops

Arlington County is situated in Northern Virginia, along the Potomac River directly across Washington DC. This area has an interesting history, when Virginia was an English colony, prominent Englishmen got grants by the British monarch and along the Potomac a big plantation was developed. This plantation was called Arlington and the family residence on it was Arlington House. In 1802, the plantation was bought by an adopted son of George Washington and later on it was owned by Mary Anna Custis Lee, the wife of General Robert E. Lee. During the American Civil War, the plantation became Arlington National Cemetery where over 400.000 people are buried. One of the memorials on this cemetery is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. An interesting route to take is the George Washington Memorial Parkway which brings you to different Parkway sites like the Arlington Ridge Park with the Iwo Jima Memorial. Many of the residential neighborhoods in Arlington County are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In Arlington you can find a couple of interesting shops when you are looking for secondhand items, antiques and collectibles. There are some thrift stores which might bring you something interesting as well as some pawn shops. When you have some more time, around Arlington are some interesting places to go to, like Falls Church and Alexandria.

Thrift stores and pawn shops in Arlington

Thrift stores and other secondhand stores in Arlington on the map

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