2nd Ave Value Stores

You can find most of the 2nd Ave Value Stores in Maryland and Philadelphia. They are thrift stores where you can find a lot of secondhand items like clothes for the whole family, dishware, toys and games, electronics, books, fashion accessories, collectibles, linens and much more. Every day the stores are refilled with 1000’s of items.

The 2nd Ave Value Stores buy their merchandise from non-profit organizations that have collected them, the organizations use these funds towards their charitable purposes. When you buy something at this thrift store you help to reduce the amount of waste that goes towards landfills, you help the charitable organizations with their goals, 2nd Ave Value Stores employs people in the area and you have something for a fraction of the new price.

Here are the thrift stores of 2nd Ave Value Stores

2nd Ave Value Stores Thrift stores on the map

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